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Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., holds proud a group of talented employees who lead our civil construction services. This talent has been our foundation for the quality and excellence that this service exhibits.


Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., can safely and precisely perform any of your concrete cutting and selective demolition needs. We take safety and quality seriously on every project we perform. Our estimators, project managers, and operators are highly trained and safety driven. We look forward to helping you with your next project, no matter the size.

about d.i.g.

Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., is a well-versed and dynamic civil construction company with emphasis on completing projects in a duration-driven manner.
Using planning techniques learned and proven in the petrochemical industry, D.I.G. has become a premier leader in planning, executing, and tracking work. Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., is capable of quickly staffing for response needs.
Industry experience and history has refined D.I.G. management to be able to manage large groups of personnel in a coordinated and task-oriented fashion. Jobs will be completed on-time and within budget.


Safety is Our Highest Priority

Safety is the primary focus of our working fundamentals. We strive daily to implement new fundamentals, to increase the safety of our employees and our lives. Our employees hold value in their work, in their lives, and in their families. We will honor the value of safety at all times. It is our foremost priority to all of our customers, employees, and their families.

We are committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees, subcontractors, and community. To reach our goals, we are focusing on creating a culture within our organization that is focused on personal behavior, accountability, and responsibility. We are continually improving our processes by promoting comprehensive safety through leadership. Everyone is responsible for achieving ZERO accidents resulting in a SAFE day, a SAFE tomorrow, a SAFE year, and a SAFE career.

Founded on Quality Work

We at Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., realize the value of total commitment to a true quality program. We have many fundamental quality practices in place and continue to expand on our total quality practices. Our quality began upon the incorporation of our company and has grown through dedication – just as our company.

Our quality improvement process is based upon the principles of management-oriented planning, commitment, and building of interpersonal relationships between clients and employees. We focus on areas of motivation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. We do not discriminate against, but encourage, new philosophies and improved methods.

Our fundamental belief in quality commitment is applied to all tasks. It applies to employees, procedures, equipment, state of mind, and attitude. It is one of the bases that separates us from any other company – the true base, that we endeavor to find the quality in our employees and teach them to seek quality in all of their tasks.

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Benefits for Clients

Strong relationships lie at the heart of DIG’s interactions with its clients. DIG builds and maintains those relationships by being versatile when it comes to budgeting, scheduling, and planning, while being responsive and communicative throughout the life cycle of a project.

DIG’s participation in the project begins immediately upon project award, and continues through the three phases of the project: preconstruction, construction, and the post construction period. Extensive preconstruction services include budgeting, preparing and maintaining a master schedule, evaluating trade contractors, and developing a project execution plan that will drive the onsite activities during construction phase.

Communication & Responsiveness

Communication is key on every project. During construction, DIG will do everything from controlling costs to executing an effective safety plan, and will provide timely and accurate project status reports.

DIG’s responsibility for excellent client service continues through the post construction period. The project team will be the leaders on all post construction items, especially any warranty items. This approach ensures that clients always know who to go to for assistance with any issue.

Strength & Knowledge

DIG has an unmatched supply of experienced labor, the ability to self-perform its work where necessary, and access to a large network of domestic and global supply chains.

No matter what the project, no matter how large or small, DIG’s project teams will always be responsive and will remain malleable and versatile throughout the life cycle of the build.