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At D.I.G., we pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard for both safety and quality in each project.

Civil & Commercial Construction

Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., holds proud a group of talented employees who lead our civil construction services. This talent has been our foundation for the quality and excellence that this service exhibits.

DIG can perform multiple types of concrete, asphalt, and specialized paving to meet your requirements. We have the ability to perform unique intricate foundations, as well as paving. We can perform concrete and asphalt repairs safely and efficiently.

DIG is proud to boast our experience in site preparation and earth moving. We have the experience to perform the broad scope of site preparation needs. We have completed numerous tasks of installing underground drainage, directional water flow as well as water, sewer, firewater installation and repairs.

Our site preparation division can perform the essential tasks needed for various projects that will follow. We have performed preparation for building construction, new unit installation, foundation work, and more. DIG can perform turnkey site needs.

DIG also offers earth moving services and has the experience to perform all spectrums of your earth moving needs. We have the ability to improve drainage, water flow, firewater, and underground piping. Our personnel have been thoroughly trained to handle the delicate, yet important situations of these projects. We can perform your difficult tasks without the normal hardships of heavy construction.

As a specialty contractor that also focuses on commercial construction our experienced project managers, site superintendents, and construction crews are available to complete your most challenging remodels, new prototypes, new expansions, or office relocations.

Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., constructs cutting-edge, high productivity buildings. We can build and renovate office space and supporting structures such as parking, data control space, and other corporate office support needs.

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Concrete Cutting

Definitive Industrial Group, Inc., can safely and precisely perform any of your concrete cutting and selective demolition needs. We take safety and quality seriously on every project we perform. Our estimators, project managers, and operators are highly trained and safety driven. We look forward to helping you with your next project, no matter the size.

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